Nocturne @ Night

I went out with Gabriel and Lydia Saturday night to take in Nocture @ Night Рan event sponsored by the Nova Scotia Art Gallery. For the third year running, the free, volunteer-powered, community event celebrates the visual arts scene in Halifax.

I took a ton of video during the event with my mobile and patched it together roughly with the iMovie app Рthe little movie production studio in a pocket handles transitions, audio mixing, titles, captions, and a range of other video production features.   I spent little time crunching video, but features like these allow me to gather and share video clips easily and extends some of the ideas in this book to mobile video production.


Shake the Hand of the Clan That Shook the Hand…

Google FriendConnect
Google put some more muscle into their social app developments introducing Friendconnect as a companion piece to OpenSocial yesterday for a socialweb 1-2 punch. It will be interesting to see how this latest Google development will add leverage to OpenID and hopefully reduce the death by a thousand accounts I must bear in order to drink from the firehose of webapps surging through the pipes.

In other things Google – I have noted the addition of Google Note in my Greader this weekend and started playing about with the function. The Google Note bookmarklet allows me to share non-syndicated content(yes, these sites exist) into my shared Greader stream easily, something I can see being of great utility for me both personally and professionally.


Origins of Twitter

Twitter I have been using Twitter to tap into some fantastic back-channel conversations for the last few months, yet despite my raving about how much fun and insight I am divining from the folks I am following on Twitter, all of the people I work with see neither the value of it’s utility nor the just plain fun Twitter can be. has a great interview about the origins of Twitter with the guys that turn the wheels behind the service’s curtain. Interesting background on the service as well as some insight from them regarding where they see the value and usability of Twitter.


Twitter LifeCycle

Twitter TI recently plopped my name down on CogDog’s wiki charting the Twitter Lifecycle which got me thinking about the question marks that are on the plateau and if I indeed have made it to this ridge or have been slipping and sliding along the incline for the past year. One thing is for sure, I raced up the incline quickly back in March ’07 to tumble back to read-only use upon returning to the wilds of Northern BC. My new digs at UNBC and activation of my unlocked smartphone on the Rogers newtork have done wonders for my tweeting in the last 4 months. At this point, I am feeling like the addition of TwitBin has brought me to the lofty heights of the Mount Tweet. One thing about the Twitter ascent – it’s anything but lonely at the top.