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I am collaborating with a great bunch of folks in BC highered on shared infrastructure – Clint has written about the capacity we are building and our opensource app hosting using the framework.

We have been running in Educloud since November 2015 and have 72 instructional designers, faculty, and technologists with 255 app instances (grains) to date.

Think of a ‘grain’ much like you would software containers and operating-system-level virtualization, but with unique features. As describes it:

The idea is simple: take your large web app and split it into small “services” running in separate containers. Services are separated by functionality: you might have an authentication service, a payment service, a search service, and so on.

Sandstorm takes a wildly different approach: It containerizes objects, where an object is primarily defined by data. We call each Sandstorm container a “grain”, because it is fine-grained.

I have been working quite a bit with the framework and working on packing opensource applications currently not available. I haven’t been writing about my work so I figured I’m overdue to start posting about how I’m using and outlining my forays in packaging opensource applications for hosting at

For today’s post – how I mapped Dropbox-clone Davros ( to a subdomain of

  1. Get your Davros grain open.
  2. Navigate to the [Publishing] area.
  3. Fill in your desired sub/domain2016-02-29_19-16-19
  4. Make your CNAME and TXT entries in your DNS Zone Editor (my CPanel views below)2016-02-29_19-19-21
  5. Put an empty index.html file in your Davros grain.
  6. Give your DNS entries some time to take hold. (mine took around 20 minutes)
  7. Upload a file to your Davros grain.
  8. Put your mapped sub/domain in front of the filename you just uploaded.
  9. Shared!

Now, for any file you put in this grain, you can easily share it on the web by placing the sub/domain on the front of the filename.

Davros at has a 2GB file upload limit.  By navigating to the [Clients] area of the app you can generate values that allow you to synchronize this app to a ownCloud client desktop client. Select one or more directories on your local machine and always have access to your latest files wherever you are.





3 thoughts on “Mapping a domain to Davros with

  1. I think the domain was made for this. Can’t wait to try.

    So thrilled this is happening, you just keep finding new ways to blow my mind.

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