Vinyl Surfing

Lydia & I: Surfing Vinyl

Lydia and I surfing the vinyl @ Meow Records in PG. Found some gems: Disney LP Johnny Appleseed, original Star Wars 45 w/ book still in shrikwrap, & Canadian hinterland rockers Goddo’s An Act of Goddo. In my opinion, Goddo are among the Canadian rock uber-freaks who had both the nerve and gumption to tour across the Northern reaches of Canada – not just along the cities of the 49th parallel. I gained an appreciation for Canadian rockers like Goddo after reading Dave Bidini’s excellent On A Cold Road. I am hoping to score more Can-rock keepers in the coming weeks.

Meow Records


A hearty and heartfelt congratulations going out to PG’s Meow Records – voted by CBCRadio3 listeners as this year’s Indie Record Store of the Year.

Upon first moving to Prince George in December I popped into Meow and spent over an hour browsing through the milk crates and used CDs. I was absolutely overjoyed by the range on music to be found. I left with Eric’s Trip, Noverillo, and a vinyl copy of Against the Glass from Vancouver punk luminaries – Slow.

Meow Records: Western Canada’s IndieRock DEW Line Station