Lydia with OLPCI must say that I am disheartened by the battering the OLPC project is taking in the last few months. Intel treachery, privatization of OLPC technology, and rumblings of Windows is kicking up dust in Negroponte’s camp.

In the midst of these arguments, the underlying intent of the OLPC project is being lost. The project was not about providing ‘cheap technology’ to developing nations, but providing affordable, extensible technology for open learning in developing nations. The alternate power source options, mesh networking, multi-lingual intuitive UI, and open access to any and all code on the OLPC are the project’s real strengths. To my knowledge, none of these have been in the interests or business plans of Windows or Intel. My kids share an OLPC and I am struck by how well the UI encourages them to explore and experiment. Let’s hope this visionary project is not derailed by recent developments that truly divert the ‘cheap laptop’ debates away from the OLPC’s real strengths and goals.

Here Comes Everybody

I have recently returned to UNBC from my Nova Scotia journey to face an absolutely stuffed Inbox and massively bloated aggregator. A gem in the rats nest of my infoglut:

Clay Shirky speaks to the ideas he has put forth in Here Comes Everybody: Organizing with Organizations at the Berkman Centre for Internet and Society on the growth and promise of social networking as a transformational cultural force.