Moodle 1.9

No sooner do I get my DrupalEd installation up and running, but Moodle 1.9 is released!

Some great features, among which include a completely revamped gradebook and some nifty integration of tagging features across elements. A slicker integration of Moodle with the Mahara e-portfolio system also looks promising.

I hope to have a 1.9 installation up before the weekend so I can play with some of the new features in this release.



Playing with Sun’s Project Wonderland and exploring it’s potential as a educational platform. Have found it to have a more intuitive end-user interface than OpenCroquet or SecondLife. The audio quality is quite good and the document sharing feature has great potential for online instructors. A promising development for multi-user virtual environments. Some inworld pics to come as I get my sea legs.