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“exit-seeking behaviors”

a reverse city builder in which you have to basically undo all of humanity’s worst habits and leave a planet with a thriving ecosystem

THE HTML REVIEW is an annual journal of literature made to exist on the – Vol III EXPEDITIONS – Journeys guided and unguided, walks, feats of endurance


What can 5000-year-old abstract art and magic mushrooms tell us about St.Patricks Shamrock?

Politics & Economics

Will the social and environmental contributions of be overshadowed by its huge footprint?

Privileging outputs over experiences is a steering away from quality. This was true before – It’s not quite more true now, except that the existence of a technology that can create the simulations has given folks qualms about the “integrity” of the work. That work never had integrity because it was already tainted by privileging a box-checking product over a meaningful process.

there’s another way to practise politics in this country, and it’s one Canadians find deeply appealing.

Belonging as learning outcome ..

While winter’s end is typically marked by the climatologists look at what’s known as meteorological the three-month period from December to February. Over that period, was 5.2 C warmer than average .. that’s 1.1 degrees warmer than the previous record set in 2009-2010.


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A growing gallery of 404 page designs from around the internet.

“It made the work of combing through the Mauritius Leaks not just more efficient, but actually just possible. We’re talking about 200,000 extremely technical documents. You can’t just read that page-by-page. You need the help of a machine.”

“a system that is so heavily trained on the outputs of other that it becomes an inbred mutant, likely with exaggerated, grotesque features.”

Sound & Music

audio was a game changer for me when I was struggling with many years ago .. provided me with restful sleep for a couple years, until I didn’t need them further

They were a singular ensemble making new that had the sonic spirit and feel of rock but also stretched into avant-garde classical structural techniques and concepts, using drones, free improvisation, beat poetry, psychedelia, non-Western music, ambient sounds, and more.”

Film & Video

The Eyes Scream: A History of The Residents