The Bermuda Triangle of Wealth

The Bermuda Triangle of Wealth by Conrad Bastable (Conrad Bastable)
Three points motivated me to write this — forming a Bermuda Triangle in which the average American’s savings disappear without any apparent cause. 1. Considerations on Cost Disease — the observation that certain costs (Education, Medical Care, Housing) have increased many times faster than in...

But it is a struggle, and one that seems to evade stats and articulation and empathy and sympathy and an escape. The only enemy is your failure to beat the median quickly enough and by enough standard deviations.


Opinion | Russian Meddling Is a Symptom, Not the Disease (
More worrisome than foreign interference in our elections is how our own tech and media companies feed and profit from our deepening domestic political polarization.
“reconcile an incentive to create and increase your user engagement when the content that generates a lot of engagement is often inflammatory and hateful.”


After a few years of pushing Twitter posts from I’ve decided to pull up that tent and start pushing everything from home base here at using

Over the past few months I have used Known essentially as a centralized means of pushing bookmarks to and  That worked fine, but started making plans Spring 2018 to sunset that practice dig deeper into the indieweb developments.

Will still be pushing updates to Pinboard and Twitter but will be plumbing those from and exploring how these methods can work to re-decentralize the web.  Some of those new bits:




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Big Tech’s problem is Big, not Tech

.. the idea anyone everywhere can hack their tools or at least ask someone else to hack their tools for them … that the market can be made up of small pieces loosely joined served by individuals who integrate pieces to serve you or who teach you to integrate them for yourself.