Brave New Waves: Artist Profiles












Hearty thanks to Doug Hollenbeck for sharing this great collection of artist profiles from CBC Brave New Waves archives from the 80s and 90s.  I’ll put these among the others in my Radio Program Archives.



HomeTapes: Nightlines Samples Show + Rock’n’Roll High School Show



Nightlines Samples Show and Rock’n’Roll High School Show [MP3]

My tape archive project charges forward with another Sony HF 90 digitized.  Unfortunately I hit pause on nearly all of David Wisdom’s narration between songs (dammit!) – but I was home taping these shows to use as mix tapes for parties – hence my intentional mostly music-only trimming. I think this show is from mid-1996, but not sure.  If you are a visitor looking for Nightlines archives I am attempting to collect (and accurately date) as much as I can here – please shout out in the comments if you have archives of your own you’d like to share or know the date particulars of anything you find here.