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2014 November 22
by gpotter

WordPress, come here – I want you.  First outcome of #umwhackathon – now DXing posts/updates/media from to my various online spaces.

Space Bubbles

2014 November 7
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by gpotter

… auditory space is a field of simultaneous relations. It is quite unlike any other form of space created by the other senses. It is sometimes referred to by psychologists as a ‘space bubble’.

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McLuhan on radio as a ‘space bubble’ [MP3]

The Internet’s Own Boy

2014 November 3
by gpotter

Aaron is dead.

Wanderers in this crazy world,
we have lost a mentor, a wise elder.

Hackers for right, we are one down,
we have lost one of our own.

Nurtures, careers, listeners, feeders,
parents all,
we have lost a child.

Let us all weep.

Tim Berners-Lee

Although Aaron Swartz: The Internet’s Own Boy has been available for viewing at since June 2014 it has taken me months to come around to watching it.  I knew this documentary would profoundly upset me.  Now that I have settled down I can articulate why.

I was very familiar with Aaron’s story and his genius,  social justice, and technical creativity going into the documentary.  I was also all too familiar with the gross injustice of his prosecution.

What I wasn’t prepared for was the sense of aching loss and grief coming from my sense of fatherhood.

“Unjust laws exist; shall we be content to obey them, or shall we endeavor to amend them, and obey them until we have succeeded, or shall we transgress them at once? ~ Thoreau

The footage of Aaron growing up were all too vivid for me – mirroring my own footage of my son and daughter laughing, playing, sharing, growing older.

I want to believe that my children will grow into a world where they feel empowered to stand by their ideals, have no fear of resisting powers they feel are unjust, and feel free to organize and take action to bring about change where they feel it is needed.

“Our society should be selecting for the Aaron Swartz’s of this world. Instead, generous and ethical behavior, especially when combined with technical brilliance, turns out to be maladaptive, indeed lethal. If Swartz had been Wall Street’s youngest investment banker, he would be alive today.” Rick Perlstein

I came out the other side of this documentary emotionally exhausted and with a capsized optimism.  I hope to somehow upend my optimism by learning more about the global community dedicated to honoring Aaron’s legacy and setting the record straight.

The question is: Can we do something, given what’s happened to make the world a better place, and how can we further that legacy? That’s the only question one could ask. ~ Robert Swartz (Aaron’s father)

Greenwald speaks

2014 November 3
by gpotter

“As human beings … when we think that we’re being watched, our
behaviour changes radically. We become much more conformist, we become
much more compliant, we make choices that are the byproduct not of our
own agency but of the expectations and mandates of social orthodoxy and
convention. It’s really only in this private realm where we can explore
intimacy, love, friendship, different ways of thinking and being,
creativity, dissent … it all exclusively resides in this realm of
privacy where we can act without other eyes being cast upon us making
judgements. That is something that was crucial to Snowden’s evolution
as a person – the ability to have this private realm online where so
many people, especially younger ones, don’t just buy books and make
travel reservations, but develop who they are as people and make human
connections. All of that is severely crippled if not completely
destroyed when we live in a world of mass surveliance, where the
internet is converted into a place where we can always be watched and

from Glen Greenwald Speaks