She’s probably using AI on him …


Highflying with a DJI Mavic Pro using FPV Goggles

A friend of mine brought by his DJI Mavic Pro along with his DJI Goggles for some high flying exploration above my house.  Gobsmacked by the experience.



Danah Boyd at #platformcoop

“Consider that it’s often easier to rally people to tear down a system than it is to figure out new ways of building it … we need builders right now.”


Art Never Ends



Let’s watch more dance

Let’s read more poetry

Let’s see more art

Let’s sing more songs

Get out of the rinks one night a week for godsakes

Just be OK with that, be OK with expressing yourself

And expressing yourself means risk

And risk means vulnerability

And all that is OK, art never killed anybody

And you know what, as painful as it is, art never ends.