Until that Moment


I created #ds106 Assignment 1 using iMovie, Google Earth, a few images grabbed from the internet, and a piece of the very film footage profiled in this short story.





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  1. @dlnorman heh heh – so crazy eh? We exchanged emails so I put together a bunch of footage for her that evening and sent it to her. I received a very heartfelt email of thanks from her the next day. This happened just before Christmas – it was the event that started my holiday spirit.

  2. Oh yeah, go ahead and do something *serious* and get my heart thunping! That was a wonderful story and so cleanly executed (I did expect a little original theme music 😉

    This is one I will like to toss into the mix of Amazing Stories

  3. Holy hat? Are you kidding me? What are there like 50 people in Canada? What an amazing story, and the way you deliver it is spot on. How sick to think you are carrying around footage of her Grandmother’s birthday…wow.

  4. Man, that is crazy! Not only a great story but well put together. Love that I got to see the old video clip. Is it me or do people in those types of films always look the same? Must be the fashion of the time.

  5. Oh my God, Grant! I have a page on my blog about my own weird coincidences, but they all PALE in comparison to this astounding story. (Which, even if it were not a true story would be awesome anyway, and should win an award) If you don’t mind, I am adding this story to my Coincidences page. If I start a page of Awesomeness, I’ll add you there, too, just because. Wow!!!

  6. Thank you! This is s wonderful story! If we could gather all of these happenings, we would see how connected our World is. We are all made of the One energy (no matter what you name it) and are wired for knowing much more than our filters let in. Mickey/Mom

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