href weekly | Mar26-April1


scrapeghost is an experimental library for #scraping websites using #gpt

“I’ve stuck around because, well, I’m dogfooding it. I am using it. It’s my daily driver and I have a home feed that I look at every day.”

“a knitwear project exploring the benefits and costs of technological progress” great poster from the #VCC Teaching, Learning & Research: Student Showcase

Sound & Music

When Farkas buys a robot to help him get rid of the musicians of Faffner Hall on Make a New Sound Day, the gang borrows some parts from the robot to construct a synthesizer so they can make all kinds of new sounds. Fughetta doesn’t understand how a synthesizer works so the Wild Impressario turns to his best source, Thomas Dolby, to explain it to her.

Automatonism is a modular that runs in the open source programming language Pure Data. #puredata

Politics & Economics

The pearl clutching over #tiktok after 15 years of social media

are more than the customer service departments for corporate database products. For democracy to thrive at global scale, libraries must be able to sustain their historic role in society—owning, preserving, and lending books. This ruling is a blow for libraries, readers, and authors and we plan to appeal it.

Through predatory tactics, the dollar chains are killing off grocery stores and other local businesses, leaving communities with fewer jobs, diminished access to basic goods, and dimmer prospects for overall well-being.


Bo Burnham speech on winning Best Directorial Debut for Eighth Grade

This film was an attempt to represent the kids who live their lives online… Generation Z. Some people think they’re millennials, they’re not millennials — I’m a millennial, they’re the generation below that. They are a generation that has been mischaracterized as self-obsessed, narcissistic, shallow… but they are not. They are self-conscious. They have been forced by a culture that they did not create to be conscious of themselves at every moment, to curate every aspect of themselves and present it to the world for judgement. They live their lives as a movie — a movie of which they are their own star, writer, director, cinematographer, editor, colorist… Their parents are craft service… And part of their stress, I believe, is their thinking compared to the representative media that the movie of their life sucks. We tried very hard to show that the failure to meet a cultural standard is worthy of a story, that their struggle is worth paying attention to. We are so quick to ask why these kids are looking at their phones all the time rather than ask what kind of world have we made for them to look up at. They are served by a culture that seemingly gives them everything they want but nothing that they actually need… They are after all children and we need to do better for them, and I believe the answer to their problems, if there is one, is theirs to articulate, not ours. The best path forward is not to judge or finger-wag … but to listen.