A Pedagogy of the Internet

A Pedagogy of the Internet by Clint Lalonde (EdTech Factotum)

I started writing this post 2 years ago, shortly after I wrote the post Does Open Pedagogy Require OER? Like many unfinished blog posts, this is likely rambling in spots. Unfinished. And contextual…

“It was the universities that brought the culture of openness to the internet in the 1960’s and 70’s. It was the universities who understood that an open internet was an incredibly important educational resource.”

The Bermuda Triangle of Wealth

The Bermuda Triangle of Wealth by Conrad Bastable (Conrad Bastable)

Three points motivated me to write this — forming a Bermuda Triangle in which the average American’s savings disappear without any apparent cause.
1. Considerations on Cost Disease — the observation that certain costs (Education, Medical Care, Housing) have increased many times faster than in…

But it is a struggle, and one that seems to evade stats and articulation and empathy and sympathy and an escape. The only enemy is your failure to beat the median quickly enough and by enough standard deviations.