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To write well, you need the specificity of perspective that comes from communicating critically with others over an extended time. might make writing faster, but figuring out who we are in relation to others cannot be accelerated.

this is a garden of all the different places you might discover where “the computer is a feeling.”


The Nib is wrapping up ten years of publishing and closing down .. they are making all 15 issues of their Eisner and Ignatz award-winning magazine available for anyone to download for free. That’s more than 1,600 pages of comics, including out of print Secrets, Nature, Food, and Color issues.

Sound & Music

Love this Listening Parties idea from #bandcamp

Hank Williams Sings Straight Outta Compton .. say what you will about .. but this is incredibly well executed

the design is communicative of the piano’s rich identity and successively more expressive by revealing its inner workings #piano #design

Politics & Economics

Student residences built in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom over the past 20 years prioritize privacy and risk isolation to accommodate perceived student preferences. This trend is to the detriment of students’ social spaces, and should be questioned. #university #housing

A #housing system that serves all but one group is not in a state of crisis; it is one based on structural inequality and economic exploitation.


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By pressing a button on the remote, you set off a spring-loaded hammer that strikes a solid aluminum rod in the device, which then rings out at an ultrasonic frequency. Each button has a different length rod, thus a different high-frequency tone, which triggers a circuit connected to a microphone in the television to finish the command. #retro

The Library of Congress is sponsoring a challenge to help improve public knowledge of civics by asking video game developers to create fun, lightweight video games related to civics that incorporate Library of Congress resources. #seriousgames

The beginners guide to becoming a #python programmer

#ffmpeg is a powerful tool for manipulating audiovisual files. Unfortunately, it also has a steep learning curve, especially for users unfamiliar with a command line interface. This app helps users through the command generation process so that more people can reap the benefits of FFmpeg.

In this course, we walk you through what it takes for companies to link their systems together. We start off easy, defining some of the tech lingo you may have heard before, but didn’t fully understand. From there, each lesson introduces something new, slowly building up to the point where you are confident about what an #api is and, for the brave, could actually take a stab at using one.

Politics & Economics

“What I found on this trip was a changed landscape: gone are the small, clean, cheap motels in the centre of cities, gone are #public spaces where anyone can find a water fountain, a bathroom, a place to nurse a cheap cup of coffee and human company.” #publictransportation