Call Me At The Station … The Lines Are Open

I’ve been asked how I patched #ds106radio 1-888 phonecalls /LIVE into my Going Back to New York City show last week.  Here’s the scoop.

I used NiceCast with 2 Application Mixers: 1 for a media player, 1 for a VoIP application – in my case Telephone.

I hijacked both applications with the mixers and faded both to the hijacked Application as per below.



I then set my Telephone application to use a the Line-In input so this application wouldn’t pick up my voice.



Capturing audio from the desktop VoIP application only captures the received call – not my outgoing voice in the phone conversation.  To capture my received calls with my voice I need to use another VoIP application to call the PBX – that way both my audio and callers’ audio got patched into the live feed with no delays in our conversation.  I have had good luck with Linphone on both my laptop and my mobile.

During the Going Back to New York show I used my mobile with Linphone installed to call the PBX – I muted the mic and activated the speakerphone so I could hear when people called in while I was playing music.

When I was playing music I used the media player Application Mixer to move between music and my Source (my mic) – as per usual – all the while keeping the Application Mixer with Telephone bypassed.  When I heard someone call in on my mobile I:

  1. unmuted my mic on Linphone on my mobile to say hello
  2. deselected the bypass switch on the Telephone Application Mixer on NiceCast
  3. faded out my music on the media player & stopped the music – keeping the media player Application Mixer to ‘Application’
  4. welcomed the caller to #d106radio

As #ds106radio has a 1-888 call-in number you can swap out using a VoIP application and simply use a telephone – just like radio stations of old.  A telephone with a speakerphone would likely work best – hands free.

When you are ready to play some music – just press play on your media player – fade in your audio – and bypass the Telephone application on the Application Mixer.

Although lots of #ds106radio folk use Skype to great affect, I like that the PBX can keep an open line to the station with or without a /LIVE DJ.

Call me at the station – the lines are open …


You Turn Me On, I’m a Radio – Joni Mitchell




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