Sex and Broadcasting

“I’m not dead.” I’M NOT DEAD. “It’s just a rumor, spread by my enemies,” he says. IT’S JUST A RUMOR. SPREAD BY MY ENEMIES. SO THEY CAN TAKE THE RADIO STATION AWAY FROM ME.

excerpt from Sex and Broadcasting

Lorenzo Milam’s Sex and Broadcasting (PDF) was an early 60’s manifesto and how-to guide to radical, community based non-commercial broadcasting.

Milam offers humor and practical advice for gaming the early FCC 1960’s legislation for micro and community broadcast licensing as well as organizational advice for running a volunteer run radio station but also some far out themes such as pirate radio from hot air balloons and broadcasting for extraterrestrials among the wonderful wackiness.

Lorenzo’s passion for public access to the spectrum resonated with me and is timely in light of SOPA and other similar legislative moves to enclose the commons in favor of corporate interests.

The PDF I have linked above is a copy made from microfilm. If you are interested in getting a hard-copy, you can help out the Prometheus Radio Project by buying a copy here.

“A radio station should not just be a hole in the universe for making money, or feeding an ego, or running the worldhellip; A radio station should be a live place for live people to sing and dance and talk: talk their talk and walk their walk and know that they (and the rest of us) are not finally and irrevocably dead.”

—Lorenzo Milam

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  1. slid into the end of 2011 utterly scrambled … regrouped my wits with a fantastic holiday with my family … taking on 2012 with renewed vigor.

  2. Lorenzo Milam has the gonzo spirit that is even lost on some “community radio stations”, a much needed unbowed, free spiritedness!

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