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Have an Android powered phone?  Been looking for a way to broadcast live audio to #ds106radio?

Pocket Transmitter allows you broadcast to #ds106radio in same manner as things are done with Papaya Broadcaster.

There is one small snag … this application requires users to connect to IceCast using Shoutcast-compatibility mode.  Once of the key elements of #ds106radio is the ability to ‘kick’ the /AutoDJ rotations out when someone connects /LIVE.  Shoutcast-compatibility mode users connect via listener sockets – which works fine, but listener socket connections do not support fallback points.  The fallback points are the little magic IceCast2 functionality that allows /LIVE cut-ins to scheduled playlists.

But … by setting up a second server for Android connections using listener sockets, #ds106radio can be configured to effectively listen for any/all activity on any mountpoint and relay broadcasts to /LIVE #ds106radio.  At this point there is about a 40second delay between the relay IceCast server and the main #ds106radio server when someone connects – I’m working on reducing this delay.  Happy to report the sound quality is excellent.  May a thousand Androids bloom.

@draggin has been in the contact with the developer of this application who has indicated that he is considering direct support for IceCast2 – this would eliminate the need for a relay – allowing users to connect directly to #ds106radio from their Android devices … stay tuned … looks like a promising $4.99 option.

Here are your settings for Pocket Transmitter:

Port: 8000
Password: ds106

You can watch for your connection at:

30-40 seconds from connection you will see your /LIVE Android broadcast at #ds106radio at:


3 thoughts on “Android to #ds106radio

  1. still sorting our the delay in the relay but should have that cleared up by tomorrow. Streams great to the secondary IceCast server – really clear.

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