Moving The Still

Last week Oxford Dictionary announced GIF as their ‘word of the year’.  Anyone who has spent some time poking around the DS106 community will know that there is some top shelf GIF-work going on. @mbransons @jimgroom @scottlo @cogdog have postloads of fantastic work.  I  have played a bit with GIFs in the past years but have been lagging in my GIFun … something I hope to address in December

I caught wind of the #MovingTheStill Festival last week and shouted it out.  Looks like we just may have a GIFestivus in the works.


CBC Radio had a interview with @JohnnyMisheff this morning on the GIF and #MovingTheStill Festival so I sent it out on a #ds106radio XCast and snagged an archive.


 CBC Interview With Johnny Misheff [MP3]



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