Portrait of Lincoln with the Wart

Photo via fotonomous http://www.flickr.com/photos/fotonomous/


A brilliant piece of radio documentary from Toronto writer, broadcaster, musician,  Madonna Hamel – Portrait of Lincoln With the Wart (MP3).  A little more on this doc in her piece All Roads Lead To Nashville: Americana One Year Later.









One thought on “Portrait of Lincoln with the Wart

  1. This is so appreciated- it’s one great thrill to make the art- meet the artists-finish a project, and it’s a whole other thing when it reaches ears who might be tickled-changed-entertained by it. So, thanks. I am headed out again to turn this baby into a video series- with a broader focus on North Americana so that I can encompass more influences, borrowings, mergings and meltings. I am, after all, a french-Canadian raised on music and singing sacred in a secular world. I start my journey next week – at the moment I am out west and will be traveling to Oregon to interview with Kelly Joe Phelps and stopping at many roadside attractions along the way. If there are people I should meet, places I should see, including roadside attractions, meuseums etc or if you would love to meet for coffee- let me know. I’ll be posting the experience!

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