The Moth

Storytelling rests on ‘ands’.  It’s a series of connectives and all of the contentious parts kinda have to exist as subtext – you’re simply narrating something.  The audience is enlisted in the narration and the disagreements exist at a deeper level.

There is a kind of intimacy, an old fashioned campfire, front-porch intimacy, that comes from one narrator talking to many people at once.  There is simply a kind of alchemy about it … it can’t be reproduced by the solitary act of reading which has its own great joys of intimate connection between two minds. This is a connection between one voice and many minds – that’s an extraordinary thing.


CBCQ discussion with Catherine Burns, artistic director of ‘The Moth’, and the author of a new anthology of Moth stories, Adam Gopnik.

September 26, 2013 – CBCQ discusses The Moth (MP3)


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