Greenwald speaks

“As human beings … when we think that we’re being watched, our
behaviour changes radically. We become much more conformist, we become
much more compliant, we make choices that are the byproduct not of our
own agency but of the expectations and mandates of social orthodoxy and
convention. It’s really only in this private realm where we can explore
intimacy, love, friendship, different ways of thinking and being,
creativity, dissent … it all exclusively resides in this realm of
privacy where we can act without other eyes being cast upon us making
judgements. That is something that was crucial to Snowden’s evolution
as a person – the ability to have this private realm online where so
many people, especially younger ones, don’t just buy books and make
travel reservations, but develop who they are as people and make human
connections. All of that is severely crippled if not completely
destroyed when we live in a world of mass surveliance, where the
internet is converted into a place where we can always be watched and

from Glen Greenwald Speaks


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