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As D’Arcy Norman noted, mobile broadcasting audio is adding an quality to online social presence that lots of folks are having a blast exploring and experimenting with in :

it’s a happening.

Lots of interesting things are growing out of this sonic experiment .. like the twitterbot notification from @galagonwagon. If you put your TwitterID in the Stream Name (pictured above) the twitterbot will send you a notification on your mobile to let you know that you are live.  No guessing if you are on the air – twitterbot tells you.

A bunch of folks have been playing with Papaya Broadcaster broadcasting to – it works very well as a mobile, roving mic.  It isn’t free ($2.99), but I have yet to find a mobile application that does the same thing. If you have found one – let me know by leaving a comment with a link below.  If you want to give Papaya a run with iTouch or iPhone drop me a DM @grantpotter – I’ll help you get your voice on the air.


9 thoughts on “Papaya Broadcaster Settings

  1. scottlo says:

    This is a very inspiring project. Though I’m not part of ds106, I would like to experiment with the Papaya stream if that would be possible.

    Couldn’t send a DM through twitter as I’m not followed by you.

    It seems that there are broad and exciting possibilities for this technology. I’m looking forward to hearing what you and everyone else do with this.


  2. Alan Levine says:

    Man, the Grant Potter Techno Hits keep coming! I am definitely going to groove with Papaya; now adding the live aspect to ds106 cranks it up to 11^11. I may have missed perhaps the protocol, but if I have the server coordinates– then if I tap in, am I just cutting off whatever is on the regular stream?

    Also, since I have an Icecast server at NMC, I am thinking about exploiting this perhaps to consider doing live audio feeds from our conferences.

    ds106 ROCKS!

  3. Grant says:

    Yeah .. when you grab the mobile mic there is about a 10 second delay before the Icecast server picks up your broadcast but it does take the /autoDJ mount offline and puts you live. We are freeform’in so pick up the mic anytime … schedules will emerge later with programs, but there will always be lots of room for freeform sound live and otherwise.

  4. Pam says:

    I am using Papaya to stream live audio via the iPhone3. It connects to the server just fine but then will drop the audio for long periods. It sometimes comes back. I do not know what is causing this. Any ideas?

    Sometimes it works brilliantly! Steady stream very clear audio.

  5. Alan Levine says:

    I suspect Pam it might be an issue of your network connection- it is a moderate amount of bandwidth to be sending out. I had lots of dropouts using the public wireless at the EDUCAUSE conference.

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