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It is with equal parts frustration and disappointment that I find myself being compelled to remove the CBC Nightlines and Brave New Waves archives I have hosted at networkeffects.ca since April 2012.  In September 2015 I moved the growing archive of fan recordings to a subdomain of this site using Omeka to organize and share it.  In doing this I also provided a means for fans to share their hometaped recordings – clearly the CBC disapproves of people celebrating their affection in such a manner.

As I have been hosting small clips from my personal collection of Nightlines and Brave New Waves cassettes since 2012, I can only assume that it was my attempt to connect fans and provide a space for sharing that prompted this action.  I have found many people share my love of these programs and the artists they exposed me to – I expect they will also share my disappointment.

My friends and family know my affection for Canada’s public broadcaster.  I wore my CBC logos with pride and frequently recommended programs I discovered at cbc.ca and CBC radio.  I would like to think this incident has not tarnished my affection for the public broadcaster, but am feeling those equal parts frustration and disappointment alienating a long-time fan.



Information Doesn’t Want to Be Free

1. Anytime someone puts a lock on something that belongs to you, but they won’t give you the key … they didn’t put that lock there for your benefit.

2. Fame won’t make you rich, but you can’t sell your art without it.

3. Information does not want to be free.


Cory Doctrow’s closing speech from the 2014 dConstruct conference.