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Although you can find the video of the presentation on Youtube the archive gets a bit more of the human-mic’ers.

A gem you won’t get on Youtube is a great post-keynote conversation at a table at the back of the room between @lottruminates@sleslie@brlamb and @mikhailg.

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@brlamb @mikhailg @jimgroom and I plugged in the mic for an presentation entitled Open Web Radio as a Platform for Learning, Experimentation, and Collaboration this week.  Although we had a little wifi trouble during the presentation the abstract and archive are preserved below.

Open access web radio can inspire experimentation, establish community, & provide a powerful platform for informal learning & collaboration.

This session will be an informal panel discussion on webcasting which will use the audio and video webstreams associated with an open digital storytelling course (DS106) based at Univ. of Mary Washington as an example of the power of open web radio to inspire experimentation, foster creativity, establish community, and provide a platform for informal learning and collaboration.

DS106 participants use the course radio station to showcase their audio assignments but anyone interested is welcome to upload audio files that will stream on ds106radio. An ever-growing number of us have also been experimenting with live broadcasts which have proven to be a kind of a community bonding experience, not to mention a whole lot of fun. Live programming on DS106 radio originates from all over the world (Canada, US, Japan, England, New Zealand, Australia and Indonesia) and ranges from brief field reports (including, most notably, compelling live status reports after the massive earthquake in Japan to multi-participant guitar jam sessions to conference presentations to themed sets of songs interspersed with commentary to free-form radio mayhem. Live broadcasts have given the handful of DS106Radio faithful a way of ‘playing radio’ and have proven a tremendously powerful tool for learning, experimenting with, and pushing the limits of the medium, all out in the open.

This informal panel discussion will feature some of the most frequent contributors to DS106Radio who will discuss some of the technical aspects of DS106Radio but will focus primarily on the ways in which the webstream and its context within a Massively Open Online Course (MOOC) has enabled a formation of an international community (aided by fervent Tweeting) and all manner of experimentation. The panel will likely feature audio clips of past broadcasts, (if we’re lucky) live calls from Japan, England and Australia and will itself likely be broadcast live over DS106Radio.


#ds106radio: Open Web Radio as a Platform for Learning, Experimentation, and Collaboration