The 12 Days of GIFestivus: Day 2 – Pottersville


6 thoughts on “The 12 Days of GIFestivus: Day 2 – Pottersville

  1. Andrew Forgrave says:

    Very nice! Jimmy Stewart? You edited the sign to display Pottersville, yes?
    I like GIFestivus, too. That title had my vote!

  2. gpotter says:

    No, that’s the original sign from the film! I’ve got all 12 GIFestivus pieces queued up – 1 a day until Christmas.

  3. Ben says:

    That’s just how much Grant Potter is #ds1064life. He travelled back in time to alter the original “Wonderful Life” script to rename the town Potterville, just so he could create this GIF.

  4. Ben Harwood says:

    Wow, so George Bailey’s Guardian Angel, Clarence, re-named lovely Bedford Falls after Grant Potter?

  5. Wouldn’t a sign like that be an awesome addition to your office?

  6. Pat McMillan Parkinson says:

    Enjoyed your experience with Jimmy Stewart.

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