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Pub rock was a rock music genre that developed in the early to mid-1970s in the United Kingdom. A back-to-basics movement, pub rock was a reaction against progressive and glam rock. Although short-lived, pub rock was notable for rejecting stadium venues and for returning live rock to the small pubs and clubs of its early years. It was the catalyst for the British punk rock scene. ~ Wikipedia

Nightlines – The Pub Rock Show [Mp3]

This cassette archive brings you the Nightlines Pub Rock show.  Again – David Wisdom’s narration is dubbed out, but there is a great selection of music in this archive representing pub rock in the UK and Australia.  I know only 2 or 3 tracks in this collection, hoping someone might be able to identify the others – paging David Kernohan.



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  1. Blimey – yes, Pub rock… mid 70s, folks playing dirty rock’n’roll in dirty london pubs. Doctor Feelgood, Chilli Willi and the Red Hot Peppers, Stranglers … led into (UK) punk rock and were on the vanguard of the back-to-basics musical movement of the time.

    Not a scene I know much about, but all good honest rocking stuff and I look forward to giving it a listen.

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