#ds106radio update

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For the first time since 2011 went down hard – for 48 hours. ¬† I won’t go into the details of what the ice weasels reported when they entered the station, but they felt it best to reno the studios and broadcast tower by eating most of the station. ¬†Luckily, the weasels replaced all they ate with new equipment (except for the audio library – starting afresh there).

The ice weasels did leave the station in better shape than they found it though … metadata from NiceCast now resolved!

Showing Track Titles in the Stream

Nicecast will include track titles right in your LIVE stream, so your listeners know what they’re hearing. Nicecast automatically reads track information from the following applications:

For other applications or for manual control, Nicecast can read track titles manually from a text file.

This file must be located at ~/Library/Application Support/Nicecast/NowPlaying.txt.

Follow this format:

Title: Our Station Could Be Your Life
Artist: Nobody’s Listening
Album: We Jam Econo
Time: 04:20

All fields are optional, or ‘N/A’ if not available. Nicecast will read from the file every 15 seconds.

Note: When the NowPlaying.txt file exists, Nicecast will always read from it. If you wish to have Nicecast automatically pull titles directly from the source application, be sure to remove the NowPlaying.txt file.




2 thoughts on “#ds106radio update

  1. GNA says:

    I love ermines, especially the audiophiliac variety–the most rare and precious of all worker weasels.

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