It’s a Maurice Pooby Christmas

There’s also Maurice Pooby. “I love this guy,” Wisdom says.

“He sends me a cassette of music about every 10 days. Forty-five minutes worth of music that he does.”

Pooby and his B.C. band (the Poobescents) sound like The Chipmunks soaring on a mix of acid and amphetamines.

“Sometimes he does themes for us. There was the last Social Credit convention that ever took place, and at the same time his propane heater went out. So he wrote a song called The Socred and The Propane.

“He’s just brilliant, great songs, and I play at least one song by him every week on the show.”  via

 Has Anybody See The Baby Jesus? [Mp3]


Dusty The Christmas Dustbuster [MP3]


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  1. “Dusty The Christmas Dustbuster” is a wonderfully epic addition to the Christmas canon. Thank you for sharing it!

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