CBC Brave New Waves archives

Thrilled that my small collection of old CBC radio shows at my Radio Archives page have been found by a great group radio fans with old Night Lines, Radiosonic, and Brave New Waves recordings to share.

@JacquelineMay3 graciously shared some of her great Brave New Waves shows with me so I can share them with you all.  I will also list these at my Radio Archives page to keep them all in one place.

Brave New Waves- 15th Anniversary Part I (MP3)

Brave New Waves- 15th Anniversary Part II (Mp3)

Brave New Waves (July 1987) (MP3)

Christmas In Hell (1987) (MP3)

William S Burroughs Profile (1988) (MP3)

Was (Not Was) Interview (1989) (MP3)

Cowboy Junkies – Luka Bloom Interviews Fall (1990) (MP3)

808 State Interview (Oct 1991) (MP3)

808 State Profile – Part 1 (April 1991) (Mp3)

808 State Profile – Part 2 (April 1991) (Mp3)

Grant Hall (of Husker Du) Interview (1991) (MP3)

CD vs. Vinyl (1994) (MP3)

Brave New Waves – Top 50 of 2001 (MP3)





29 thoughts on “CBC Brave New Waves archives

  1. Thanks for posting the archives. I used to love listening to Brave New Waves. I have missed the show. Yay.

  2. Love this site. More Brave New Waves and Nightlines on the internet is a good thing. I have quite a bit of BNWs and NLs material on my Youtube site (mybikemybike). Unfortunately the sound quality is sometimes lacking due to old tapes. I will be uploading more BNW’s stuff, including lots of Brent Bambury conducted profiles in the next while. Glad to see this stuff up here.

  3. This is great Doug – thanks for sharing your BNW pieces on your YouTube channel. I have a bunch more I hope to have here and at my radio archives page before the end of the week.

  4. Hi Geoff ~ glad you enjoy it, I have a bunch more I am going to put up at this site. Hopefully a collaborative site so fans can easily add and annotate archives as they emerge.

  5. I have these old tapes and some of the spotlights that were missing here
    Art of Noise
    Bjork The Sugarcubes
    Timothy Findley interview
    The Cure spotlight (I caught the end of it.)
    New Order (I think)
    Nick Cave and the Bad seeds

    On the second linked page
    The Smiths
    B52s is there

    There were many others I have to review my tapes.
    I have digitized them to MP3 I may be able to upload some.

    I used to miss the beginning or the end.

  6. I also remember listening to
    but not recording spotlights on

    Classical music of Warnerbrothers
    Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet. (one of my tapes has the tail end of that show.)
    Tom Waits

    and others

  7. The ones I have are tapes and not full complete recordings. I will have to link some of the major ones.
    I have several almost full spotlights.
    The Sugar cubes Inar Owen With Bjork
    Art of Noise
    and several others.

    through out some of my mix tapes are snippets of Brent introducing bands like Shadowy men.

    I will send you links I have to go through them.

    Off the top I have these on my google drive
    Art of noise BNW spotlight – side 1

    Art of noise BNW spotlight – side 2 + stuff

    B52s BNW spotlight – side 1

    B52s BNW spotlight – side 2 + stuff

    I have to find the Sugar cubes and the Shadowy men
    Regards Rick M

  8. So happy to see this collection is growing. Loved this show but only started listening in 1999. Would someone be able to re-up the Beck profile? The link is dead. Also, I have some recordings from the 20th anniversary that I hope to digitize soon. Old interviews they replayed with Sugarcubes, Shadowy Men, Sonic Youth, Stephen Malkmus, Matmos, Sage Francis and some other hip-hop artists. Also have profiles of Buck 65 and Trans Am.

  9. Brave new waves. .. Augusta Lepay was queen of interviews . And so funny.
    I could do it all again.

  10. I remember this show when it first came out! I found it by accident listening to classical music in the evening. I couldn’t listen all the time but when I did, my mind was blown. cool. let’s see more archives!!

  11. also, the one time I actually recorded the program with select songs one night I had a tape that I played the shit out of. alas, the cassette is long dead because it was cheap to begin with, but what joy that brought to me!

  12. I haven’t been to this website in a while, but my modest collection of BNW recordings is what started it all – it’s great to see other people getting in on it. It is definitely my pleasure to be able to share this with other fans of the show. I was one of the few lucky American listeners that had access to the show, so being able to make it known to others was a dream of mine, to be honest.

    I thought originally I had uploaded everything but there’s a few I found recently that I wanted to add and I will do so ASAP. One particular show I’ve been dying to hear is the one with the John Cage interview. If any of you have a recording of that (especially the original 1989 broadcast), please share that with us!

  13. Incredible timing that you should leave this comment today. I just started importing a massive collection to a dedicated content management system and the submissions I have been receiving have far outpaced my blog. It is unfolding at http://audio.networkeffects.ca … still lots of uploading to do … over 50GB of archives!

  14. Seconding a request for the John Cage interview. That made big impression on me as a younger person, and I remember it as being very funny.

  15. Don’t have that once I’m afraid, but do check out audio.networkeffects.ca – tons of new stuff ever couple weeks

  16. I will always remember the Spoken Word that Patti and Brent played. Henry Rollins, Penny Arcade, and other slam poets of the time.

    This show warped my cassette head

  17. This clip has a question from the audience from Filthy Rich, AKA Buck 65. He admits his love for vinyl It is funny how Bambury brushes him off. “Do you have a Social Insurance Number?”
    Who would know that years later Rich Terfry would work for the CBC

  18. I started recording the show to hifi VHS in the late 90s. I have several complete shows, and even more partial ones. I have no idea where to start with digitizing them. It seems like an enormous amount of data. Perhaps I’ll start by looking for that domakesaythink episode mentioned above. Glad to see there are others who still remember how great radio could be.

  19. @rmarmei

    I remember the BNW feature on the B-52s…from the summer of 1987. Looks like your’s was an update done after “Cosmic Thing” was released. The 1st half of Brent’s script is identical!!

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