I have been using a range of desktop tools for audio mixing and post-production for years.  I read about the Myna online audio editor last year and have been meaning to try it out.

It features a pretty basic feature set for uploading, mixing, trimming, and sequencing tracks.  There are some basic effects and some mixer automation routines you can apply to the tracks – both feature sets that work surprisingly well considering all of this mixing power is functioning within a browser. One feature it doesn’t sport that would be really useful and fun would be the ability to share access to the mixer GDocs style with other users for collaborative arrangements and edits.  I have clipped a bunch of audio from UStream archives, #nv10 presos, and EduGlue singers to knit a short mix.


The background track in this experiment is from one of my ( and @draggin‘s ) favorite turntablistsKid Koala. His latest project The Slew is a high energy combo of turntable wizardry and full on rock grooves with live rhythm section. The Slew released their entire album free online for 4 weeks in November and are now touring throughout North America laying down sets of serious grooves. If you happen to be in a town where they are playing – you don’t want to miss their show.

Interested in playing with the mix? Put your hand up in the comments and I will send you the user/pass info to access the EduGlu mix and tracks at Myna.

Update! (May12)

Upload audio to your Import Library, create a mix, run the Mixdown, and you are given link & <embed> for the creation plus a link to share your mixboard and library.  Others click on the link, login, and run with your mixboard to add/chop.  Remix Relay!  See here for Remix#5 including samples from @sleslie or listen below:

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