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Audiocraft is a PyTorch library for deep learning research on audio generation. At the moment, it contains the code for MusicGen, a state-of-the-art controllable text-to-music model.

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– reclaiming human scale

20,000+ mods from over 7,000 subreddits with more than 2 billion collective readers” #reddit #api

Capcom rolling out their 40th anniversary with some browser emulation

Why Is Everyone Watching TV With the Subtitles On? #udl

“All I did was go to a website that is designed to facilitate cheating and set up a kind of camera to see who visited it.” .. a instructor, no less ..

One day, the entirety of our lives will be at our backs and the what-if of it all will still haunt me ..” #film

The kind of change we need isn’t going to happen on an app. #futureshock

myth: you need to be original
myth: you need to be an expert
myth: posts need to be 100% correct
myth: writing boring posts is bad
myth: you need to explain every concept
myth: page views matter
myth: more material is always better
myth: everyone should blog

if people prefer corporations as their digital landlords, this is fine, but they should be made aware of the consequences and the repercussions of this decision. We should all be allowed to make this decision on an informed basis, just like with our real, physical living spaces”. #foss

A federated #reddit alternative #federation

The dawn of large language models like OpenAI’s GPT-4, Facebook’s LLaMA, and all sorts of massive models need to be trained on human text. #reddit is essentially a gigantic website full of highly organized, natural human interactions and makes for good training data.

ELIZA (1966) chats with ChatGPT (2023)

Vibes-based search is very bad for research in situations where factual accuracy is important (legal briefs, journalism), but it’s not an entirely useless function.”

We’ll still see each other from time to time, and maybe if you can Snap out of your midlife crisis one day we’ll get back together.” #ubuntu

We need to move away from focusing on red herrings like AI’s potential “sentience” to covering how is further concentrating wealth and power.

is not magic
are not always right
The #data we use to train algorithms matters
AI comes with ethical issues like #bias #GetDataLit

Sound & Music

My God, It’s Full of Oscillators

Great new #vcvrack guides

Winamp in your browser

Game Synth: Draw sounds synchronized with video playback

We Hold This Myth To Be Potential #sunra #johncage .. When John Cage met Sun Ra – the avant-garde concert of the century

Wonky: The beat that captivated Questlove was made by the legendary James Dewitt Yancey, better known as J Dilla. Although he only lived to 32 and never had a mainstream hit, he is now considered one of the most influential producers in hip hop and popular music.

The point is that these four minutes and four seconds have been all about you—you can come back here any time that you need. Now, go pick up your kids. And don’t forget karate classes at seven and gymnastics in the morning.

Politics & Economics

The series tells the story of why the 1970s book “The Limits to Growth” was, after positive initial reception, fought and since ignored. #sustainability

A group of 1970s campus librarians foresaw our world of distributed knowledge and research, and designed search tools for it.” #librarians

“New data from the University of Maryland (UMD), now available on Global Forest Watch (GFW), provides a more detailed view of how fires are driving tree cover loss across the globe.” #sustainability #conservation #map #dataviz

Where does the library go from here? Because it’s clear that being “the last public space” isn’t a privilege. It’s a sign that something has gone terribly wrong.”

moving to non-market housing would pose an enormous challenge to both private property developers, who profit from financialized housing, and the banks, who profit from all this debt. But it’s the only way to break the cycle of borrowing and #inflation that has created this dangerous overhang of debt for Canadians.”

The Solutions Are Already Here – Strategies for Ecological Revolution from Below #activism


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