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Using as a medium to promote digital among young people in

Cathode Retro is a collection of shaders that combine to emulate the properties and artifacts of a color NTSC TV signal as well as the visual look of a Cathode-Ray Tube (CRT) TV

“This is me saying we’ve worked on for four years with ~200 people full-time, and spent well north of $100M above revenue trying to turn the site around, but it hasn’t yet. That sucks, but I also want to recognized the effort of everyone who tried and gave their best.”

he careened from drug-running pilot to alleged CIA asset, only to be reborn as the pioneering computer programmer known as the father of data fusion.

Sound & Music

The @wfmu Festival Tee

One year, he was just different. He traded in his red baseball cap for a tartan beret, grew a huge handlebar mustache, and let his hair grow out. Not long, exactly, but certainly on the long side for an attorney.

“There were so many people at who were musicians themselves, or knew musicians or operated labels or made vinyl for people. I worry that this multinational corporation swooping in to buy Bandcamp and lay off half the staff maybe doesn’t fully understand what Bandcamp was.”

Politics & Economics

When created its own pension plan, in 1965, to address the growing poverty of retired Canadians sixty-five and older—thank you, Lester B. Pearson, for my monthly CPP cheque—the life expectancy of men, who made up the bulk of the workforce, was sixty-eight.

“Higher Education for Good courageously offers critique, hope, and purpose for the practice and the trajectory of


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