Soundcraft bumper by kleidums

Back in June Jason Toal and I departed in the #ds106radio ElCamino for the ETUG 2011 Spring Workshop in Nelson. We arrived early to help scope out the setup at Selkirk and take some time to explore the very special town of Nelson. While scoping out potential spaces for a DJ Dr. Jones Dance Party we walked into the Nelson Legion Hall to find the hall populated with tables, computers, and people bustling about. We inquired as to what was going on we were told that the hall was being used by Self Design High – an online distributed learning school based in Nelson. We had a chance to meet Kristina Leidums, one of the teachers at the school during the ETUG workshop. After hearing about she was very enthusiastic about the opportunities for students to express their creativity and learning using open web radio with Self Design High.

When I arrived at work a few weeks ago I received an email from Kristina with an update on their emerging project SDsoundcraft. Really looking forward to hearing what the Self Design High Students produce for their radio.


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