#opened11 #ds106radio Science Fair


got a full workout this week at OpenEducation 2011 with lots of /LIVE broadcasts from keynotes, presentations, table discussions, and Canyons room radio shows.

The #ds106radio Science Fair was the first real applied flex of the PBX with the radio.  Brian and I dialed into the PBX using Linphone on a mobile which started the broadcast and “opened the lines” to callers via PBX and the toll-free number.  While waiting for callers, Brian and Chris Lott dialed in and wandered around the conference as “#ds106radio roving reporters”.   The PBX effectively acted as an ENG – providing airtime for voices of folks on and off-site tuned into the broadcasts and conference streams.  It was great to hear random reports from the floor as well as callers @qadmon, @scottlo, @DrGarcia, @cogdog, @giuliaforsythe, and special guest ‘Scottie’.  When callers were not on the line or roving reports out and about, the mobile dialed to the PBX served as as the Science Fair mic, picking up @brlamb, @jimgroom, and I as we talked radio, , and a wide range of other topics for the afternoon with visitors.  Great fun.

#ds106radio Science Fair




3 thoughts on “#opened11 #ds106radio Science Fair

  1. I really enjoyed listening to you figure out a new protocol with the PBX. You effectively became a newsroom broadcaster and traffic manager, throwing to “street reports.” The ds106radio press pass awaits!

  2. Chris Lott says:

    Being the roving reporter was tons of fun!

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