Origins of Twitter

Twitter I have been using Twitter to tap into some fantastic back-channel conversations for the last few months, yet despite my raving about how much fun and insight I am divining from the folks I am following on Twitter, all of the people I work with see neither the value of it’s utility nor the just plain fun Twitter can be. has a great interview about the origins of Twitter with the guys that turn the wheels behind the service’s curtain. Interesting background on the service as well as some insight from them regarding where they see the value and usability of Twitter.


ThereminNow that things feel a bit more like Spring in Prince George, I am feeling the urge to take on a Spring Challenge – inspired in part by my wife’s dedication to a early morning fitness regime. I have always loved the theremin and MAKE Magazine’s Theremin Weekend Project has got me thinking that the time is upon me to have a theremin in the house.

For those of you that do not know what a Theremin is, check out this fantastic performance by Pamelia Kurstin from TED.