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Volunteers who maintain the digital encyclopedia are divided on how to deal with the rise of AI-generated content and misinformation.”

Gold rushes always finish ugly, and this AI rush is another one of those. It will resemble that glamorous Atomic Age transition from “energy too cheap to meter” to “garbage too expensive to bury.”

Utilizing a technique called “Adversarial Patch” that induces false recognition by adding a specific pattern to an image or video. This method lets AI cause misrecognition, miss objects or recognize objects as different.

Ten years after its untimely death, the team that built the much-beloved feed reader reflects on what went wrong and what could have been. #rss

The NABU Network was an obscure, forgotten part of Canadian tech history—until the day the internet noticed that thousands of NABU machines were being sold on eBay at rock-bottom prices. #retrocomputing


Goodnight Phone #webcomics

Sound & Music

It’s a haven for Centrist Dad and people who say ‘It’s Wine ‘o’Clock’

Public Enemy’s Chuck D … We Wreck Stadiums pays homage and salute to some of the baseball greats and the undeniable impact they’ve had on the game and the world ..

Millions of songs on Spotify have been forgotten. Let’s give them new life in new ears – yours. #streaming


July 1 2023 Annapolis Royal Glass Blossoms

July 1 2023 East Coast Binary Suns

Politics & Economics

Climate Parables is a series of short, speculative stories from some of the most talented climate-fiction writers. We ask them what life could be like after technological and societal shifts have actually mitigated climate change—and we’ve adapted to chronic environmental stresses.

Rest in Power Sue Johanson .. I remember seeing her bits on in the early 2000’s .. fearless, funny, and direct .. a gifted educator

Gaucher said he’s not totally opposed to LNG Canada and Coastal GasLink but he doesn’t stand for colonial violence against Indigenous people. Speaking out publicly alienated him from much of his community, he said, who he described as “too afraid to speak.”

“What’s crazy is being classified as one of those ‘crazy anti-pipeline people’ because not once did I say I was against it,” he said, his fists clenched on the table. #canada


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