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87% Missing: The Disappearance of Classic Video Games

To further the understanding of training data, the Knowing Machines Project developed see:set, an investigative tool for examining the training datasets for via: @maryakem

Great #retro TV build

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Two years in the making, “Takrar” spotlights the mélange of Islamic, Ottoman, Greek, and Byzantine influences throughout Istanbul

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And still, it got warmer and warmer.

The median square footage of an American house built in the nineteen-sixties was fifteen hundred square feet, compared with about twenty-two hundred today—and the earlier model was home to more people. Before 1972, more than half of Americans had never taken a plane trip, much less more than one a year.

He chose the name of the Deuter album, and in four days he sold five thousand units of Ecstasy.

“I was speechless. We’ve lost almost 30 percent of an entire class of organisms in less than the span of a human lifetime, and we didn’t know it.” #convservation


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