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Forest Eye combines satellite imagery, remote sensing, and government data to detect logging and road-building in the most rare and at-risk old growth forests.

Responsible : a guide for deliberation .. To meet the challenges associated with accountability in development, many public institutions, private bodies & international organizations have published charters of practice, declarations of principles & recommendations in this respect. They have shown convergence around key principles – however, principles are sometimes abstract and are not always defined in the same way around the world.

Government of Algorithmic Impact Assessment tool

Flashpoint Archive is a community effort to preserve videogames and animations from the web

web app allowing you to create different patterns from a collection of 19th century ornamental granite tile illustrations

What does the look like if we decide to erase everything we’ve done since the dot-com crash? What kinds of communities can we build with the people who’ve come online since then? It’s certainly possible — even delightful — to teach them the old ways. But more and more, I think I don’t want an intermediated experience; I’m not interested in your algorithm – I’ve loved online because there are people there.

Sound & Music

the ersatz folk songs belted out by young right-wingers in 1960s in a desperate attempt to copy the folk revival

Country Music’s Culture Wars and the Remaking of Nashville (The New Yorker)


Dolly Parton Pinball (1979) at

My daughter turned 19 on July 19.


A great panel from the excellent

Politics & Economics

In Metro Vancouver alone, more than 35 tons of good, edible food ends up in landfill every day.

Rebellious birds make nestsout of anti-bird pins


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