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Plugin that provides a shortcode to easily integrate mastodon feeds into wordpress pages.

Good tools let the user choose when to switch between implementation and evaluation.

What’s called for .. is not a ban on but rather a reassessment of what #students are expected to do.

Notice how after you consumed the Cake, the Cake is no longer in your inventory.

Politics & Economics

It requires us to stop equating an #college with preparation for the workforce. It requires us to recognize that encouraging everyone to get a four-year degree as a substitute for serious labor policy was doomed from the beginning. Perhaps hardest of all, it requires us to recognize that the true value of an education should not and cannot be quantified by its economic return alone. #debt

This tool should take approximately 10 to 20 minutes to complete. It depends on how much of an earful you want to give the #usa Department of Education. We encourage you to take the time to write more, but you don’t have to. #debt


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