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A tool to help you explore #FFmpeg filters in your browser

As we look forward, we should not let our reliance on #socialmedia overshadow the continuing significance of free-to-air broadcast as a cost-effective, highly reliable information source.

There is a long history and clear playbook for industry capture and instrumentation of open source projects, and major AI companies recognize the value of in leveraging the benefits of owning the ecosystem, enjoying the fruits of community labor, and defining the terms of engagement.

The idea behind was to rebrand #foss in a less ambiguous – and more instrumental – package that stressed cost-savings and software quality, as well as “ecosystem benefits” from a co-operative form of development that recruited tinkerers, independents, and rivals to contribute to a robust infrastructural #commons

This popular education-inspired guide breaks down and contextualizes artificial intelligence technologies within structural #racism — and provides hands-on exercises to help us imagine beyond, and dream up alternate and ideal futures with

Email masks are masked, or private, email addresses that forward messages to your true email address. These masks allow you to share an address with third parties which will mask your true email address and forward messages to it.

Music & Sound

#rpi #guitar #midi MiGiC is an audio software that converts your electric guitar to MIDI with minimum latency and great accuracy.


The idea was to create a very simple, modernist poster series for #movie enthusiasts. The designs rigorously adhere to the same mold: a circle overlaid by two diagonals, all inscribed in a square.

Politics & Economics

“We need to have a conversation as a nation on how we prepare for and fight fires. Nine communities in the Northwest Territories are being evacuated. I think that’s 63% of our population.” #nwt #yellowknife

They use computer to find houses that would be profitable to turn into rental properties, often snapping them up with cash bids within minutes of a property coming onto the market. And when areas no longer have affordable houses to buy, they can raise #rent. #students

Clout is the values-free currency of the always-online age – both a substitute for hard cash as well as a conduit to it. Clout is a calculus not of what you do, but of how much bulk you-ness there is in the world. You get clout by playing the victim. You get clout by victimizing others. This is something that is understood by the left and the right. If influence sways, clout squats, taking up space for its own sake.

#inequality is a political choice, not an inevitability.


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    Ho boy this ffmpeg explorer tool is awesome, definitely bookmarking that.

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