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These technological infrastructures may disproportionately harm #indigenous communities by making their private and sacred knowledges legible by . Data collection for AI could lead to the commodification of this sacred knowledge for profit.

In this study, you will be asked to rate 20 news headlines as real or fake and answer a few optional questions about your background. It should take 2-3 minutes to complete.” #disinformation

our findings suggest that new modalities provide substantial opportunities to increase the impact and accessibility of scholars, build and empower diverse research communities, and improve the sustainability of societies. #academia

Datasette Cloud is the new #saas hosting platform for the #Datasette #foss project. It enables teams to create a private collaboration space, upload and share data securely with each other, and then selectively publish that data to the world.

the site is a one-man battle against entropy, constantly battling domain registrars, anti-scraping systems, copyright enforcement, easily spooked advertisers, and global financial system payment rails designed to obstruct Russian citizens.

FediFetcher is a tool for Mastodon that automatically fetches missing replies and posts from other fediverse instances, and adds them to your own Mastodon instance. #fediverse polls your home timeline and notifications and fetches replies to all posts as well as all recent messages by any user who shows up in your notifications (e.g. likes, boosts or follows). #fediverse #mastodon

Music & Sound #foss tools

The new Rhodes MK8 is brilliant .. but the $$ is dizzying .. #keyboard

“The music sounds old, but in the way a landscape can feel old; in the same way that a landscape promises it will renew itself, the music points to the future.”


Amazing #drone #photo awards

Politics & Economics

the structure of the industry colliding with the socioeconomic reality of defaulting debtors basically ensures that it will be a miserable place populated by miserable people who will project leveraged amounts of misery into the outside world in the hopes of collecting a tiny sliver of defaulted debts. #debt

Great chat between @blindboyboatclub & Manchán Magan #rewilding #pagan #mythology .. “mythology is the fruiting body of the human unconscious”

There is no province in where workers can afford an apartment at minimum wage.

“if you don’t do the impossible, we’re going to wind up with the unthinkable ..”

The burden of student #debt threatens to exacerbate existing income and wealth inequality in American society, as these borrowers have to choose between paying off the cost of their own education and saving for their own children’s college expenses.

“People change unconsciously before they change consciously. They begin to float dreams—daydreams are dangerous. Daydreams are pieces of imagination, they are bits of poetry. They are the balloons that fly up in history.”

represent the best of our efforts to take care of one another. Their ongoing existence is a reminder that—not just in some far-off future, but even today—other ways of being are possible.

came before publishers. We came before copyright. But publishers now think of libraries as customer service departments for their database products. #copyleft

#forest #fire

promoting social connection is key to reducing the harmful effects of #climatechange including its effect on #mentalhealth . Other studies also show that the more connected we are, the better we will be able to discuss and respond to climate change.

Whatever you may think of individual celebrities—I certainly admire a few—the phenomenon of celebrity is a grave social ill

We are not convinced by the intertwined educational and data futures that investors are creating, as it is a reductionist view of the purposes of education, focusing on efficiency gains and learning as an individual activity that is primarily carried out for economic purposes.


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