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Before it was taken down, archivists managed to make backup copies of the museum’s content, highlighting both the fragility of online and the archiving community’s penchant for quickly making copies of anything that’s under imminent threat.

#wordpress now has an #activitypub #plugin

We’ve completely reimagined what a portal can be. Unfortunately, our collective imagination was limited to picturing what dozens of pages of tedious dental information might look like rendered on Microsoft Excel in 1988.

Great story about Merlin Bird ID from CornellU & #gamification of #birding #citizenscience

fleets of artificially intelligent, unmanned, relatively cheap weapons #war

As more households disconnect landline telephones and fewer families have access to broadcast television and radio, emergency managers have increasingly focused on wireless emergency notifications to instantly reach large numbers of people. But that modern system has its own limitations, relying on the resilience of cell networks and the proficiency of emergency crews across a patchwork of local agencies.

Music & Sound

Hurricane Edward – The Fall

#novascotia #hurricanelee The Pixies – Stormy Weather

Hurricane Fighter Plane – Red Krayola

The Lemon Twigs Lemon Twigs live on WFMU .. hooks & harmonies forever .. will help remove vocals from a song #karaoke

Politics & Economics

#technofeudalism #economics The privatisation of the internet by America’s, but also China’s, Big Tech. And the manner in which Western governments and central banks responded to the 2008 great financial crisis.

private individual actions don’t increase at a rate sufficient to affect the problem in a timely fashion; collective action seeking changes in #policy and law can. #climatechange

UK pubs adopt surge pricing for pints

Privilege may keep you from certain kinds of risks, but it won’t make you resilient. Only community can.

#hurricane #hurricanelee & the fragility of the Isthmus of Chignecto .. protected by 17th century Acadian dykes and the bulwark keeping #novascotia from becoming an island

20 years of the The Walrus magazine .. one of my fav pieces about #greyhound #bus #publictransit #canada


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