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an image of a female crested black macaque monkey is at the heart of a legal row between UK wildlife photographer David Slater and Wikimedia Commons over its status via

This desire to automate what can and must be human response is also simply a further indication of the dismissal of the importance of the labor of the primarily non-tenure-track faculty who teach courses like first-year writing … even entertaining the notion that the work can be done by generative AI shows the depth of scorn some administrators have for work that should be viewed as central to the institution.

when disinformation is free, how can we restrict quality information to the privileged who choose to afford it?

Music & Sound

A fantastic talk with Mark Hosler and Jon Leidecker of on

The History of the Mellotron

“accommodate many levels of attention without enforcing one in particular.”

I somehow missed this 2021 .. this is the bar by which live, online performances should be measured

Film & Video

I am Philbert now, but soon
I will be Whirlwind Dreamer.

Powwow Highway .. the older cousin of

Politics & Economics

“We are seeing accidents happen. We are frightening the public. We are getting laws passed [banning the drug]. We are not using the anthropological approach of insinuating a valuable drug of this sort into our culture . . . gradually demonstrating the goodness of the thing.”


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